5 Ways To Save Money When You Arrive In New City

Even though traveling to a new city can be quite exciting, this adventure can turn out to be a nightmare when you are working on a shoe-string budget. Saving money when in a new city requires some planning, discipline and doing minus a number of things. The following are 5 ways to save money when you arrive in new city.

Food Choices when Traveling

The choice of a place to take your meals is vital when you need to save some money.

Diversity Visa Program and 4 Reasons to Register for It

The Diversity Visa Program remains the easiest way for a person to get a permanent residency permit in the United States. This programme, commonly referred to as the green card lottery, provides the holder lots of benefits. 

The reliability of this programme is unquestionable as it is directed by the US Government. It has been in existence since 1995 and has given so many people from all over the world permanent residency permit into US. Those who criticise this programme have always argued that the system is unfair and this is because the winners of these visas are immediately given permanent residency based on chance where as there are thousands of people living in the United States on temporary work visa, waiting at the immigration office to get this opportunity.

How To Prepare for Overseas Travel

Planning prior to traveling abroad is a wise decision. A proper planning to many destinations needs only a couple of weeks. But, how much time you would actually require for a proper planning depends on factors like your visa

How to Prepare for a Long Bus Journey

Travelling by bus is one of the most thrilling experiences. It is not only enjoyable, but an adventure. Travelling by bus is a cheaper way of travelling long distances if you can neither afford a train nor air ticket. Before you travel by bus, it is important to plan yourself. This is probably a long journey and you must be ready for it if you really would like to enjoy your journey. You must consider factors such as the time of the journey, the number of stops, the terrain, climatic conditions and the number of people travelling. These factors go a long way in helping you plan yourself.

If you are travelling for more than 10 hours, it is best to have something to eat.

3 Most Popular Churches in London

Worldwide, it is known that London possesses a great deal of the world's greatest architectural building with great designs. The catholic churches in London to be specific to have great designs with some built in the ancient times. Some have survived the world wars and the