Cappadocia a Unique area famous for its Fairy Chimneys

The closest thing you’ll get to fairyland in real life, Cappadocia is magical. The amazing landscape of the area was created by a series of volcanic eruptions, giving it an otherworldly feel. Over the years the wind and rain have also had an impact leaving a terrain of curved valleys and pointed fairy house roofs. The ancient Cappadocia’s were the first to carve their homes out of the natural landscape.

Biking in London, UK:

Riding a singlespeed or altered wheel bicycle is about effortlessness. Both do away with riggings, making for a lighter ride which requires less maintenance.

A singlespeed bicycle has stand out apparatus, however the pedals move independently of the back wheel, meaning the rider can drift.

How to Prepare for a Long Bus Journey

Travelling by bus is one of the most thrilling experiences. It is not only enjoyable, but an adventure. Travelling by bus is a cheaper way of travelling long distances if you can neither afford a train nor air ticket. Before you travel by bus, it is important to plan yourself. This is